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The Rotary Club of Geelong East Inc.
Service Above Self
Tuesday at 6:00 pm for 6:30pm start
Eastern Hub
285a McKillop Street
East Geelong, Victoria  3219
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Last Week's Program


Adam was our chair and welcomed back Janine and Robert and Graham Thomson.
Our Guest Speaker
Terri Osburn from the City of Greater Geelong department of Social Planning & Investment was our speaker and told us all about Community Places and Spaces and social infrastructure.

There are over 500 community buildings over the Greater Geelong local government area and the task is to make these resources serve the growing population.
This must be achieved whilst meeting the  expectations of community and government, managing infrastructure with an inconsistent distribution across the local government area, reduced government expenditure and rate capping, changing regulatory requirements and so forth.

Most of the buildings were constructed 4 or more decades ago and do not always align with current requirements.

The Council is undertaking a review of these resources and invites community input and consultation.

We thank Terri for giving up her evening to share this information with us.

Terri is committed to the community and we appreciate and value the work she is doing.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Don't (or Do) Be Badgered
Tony Alsop announced that there are some excellent Rotary badges to protect us from fines. Buy one.....or two...and be saved.

Christ Church Meals
Bill Bailey on behalf of Jenny Acopian is looking for 5th Monday volunteers for the Christ Church Meals project on 30 July.

Increased Meal Cost

Just a reminder to members that the single course will be $28.00 per head and $33.00 per head for 2 courses and wine will be $9.00 per glass.
Options for other perhaps less costly meal arrangements will be explored by the Board for consideration by the members.

Smile for Satbir
Our Club's Chief Photographer Satbir Chug has a vast array of Club photos on his home-based server and can provide members with an app which allows password-protected access to this treasure trove of high quality photographs.
See Satbir for more information.

Upcoming Events section in the Bulletin - What's When and Where?

Please give your upcoming Club events to Warren and Bulletin Editor Peter for inclusion in the Upcoming Events.
Give Warren a bio for the guest speakers you arrange for pre-promotion in the Bulletin.
Members are invited to give ideas for speakers.
Pay Your "Do's"
The full fee is $254.00 and the concessional rate is $237.00 with those who join the Club after 1 January will only pay 50% of the concessional rate. You can pay direct into the Club's account with Bendigo Bank, the details of which are BSB 633-108 Account 146425996.
Tree Planting Day

Peter Funston reporting:

We had a very successful tree planting today (Sunday 29 July) planting 250 trees at Lara Pound Reserve we had 10 Rotarians 2 council workers and 2 citizens. David and Jenny have photos. Had a cold windy day with a 9am start, but we had all trees in and watered in by 11.30am. So everyone was home for their Sunday roast that had been lovingly cooked in their absence.

RUOK Project Launch
Members are invited to assist on Monday 30 July from 6.30 am to 9.30 am for the breakfast bbq at Steam Packet Gardens on Monday 29 July.
Contact John Birrell or Adrian for more details.
Next Tuesday 31 July - No Meeting of our Club

There is no meeting of our Club at The Hub next Tuesday 31 July.

Members are encouraged to visit another club and do a good old fashioned make up.

Ross Taylor is going to the meeting of the Rotary Club of  Drysdale next Tuesday
Contact Ross if you would like to go along.

President David will be visiting another club and he will send an email around to members with details and those who wish to join David can liaise with him.

Member Survey
Please respond to Tony Alsop's survey.
By members giving their thoughts on meeting processes and procedures, we can have a club that meets our needs.

Lame Limericks and Perversities
Conventional Wisdom

Liz cried He,
We must go pronto.
As Ranger Lone with sidekick Tonto.
She in 2 minds but He so wan-toe
Do Convention in Toronto.

In Apple Big by waxen Trumped.
And coppers two with muscles pumped.
And snaps to stick upon the fridge,
Like wiry Liz on Brooklyn Bridge.

In square of time, twix fame and fable.
A condiment with saucy label.

Hear The Fab Four did our Famous Five.
By Wristed bands all side by side.
Their drinking age was verified.

Many are the Fellowships Rotarians can choose.
Is there one for punters? Is there one for booze?
Surely ones for cats and dogs,
For snakes and lizards, bears and hogs.
For cars and boats and golf and trains,
And one Liz found for....whips and chains.

In '22, The Lone Star State
Will World Convention celebrate.
So presidential guys y'all.
Forget us not The Grassy Knoll.
...and a further go at the Roll Over rhyme..
The Second Coming

On Facebook, He gets all the likes.
He grabbeth megaphones and mics.
The masses flock by cars, by bikes.
The children love him..blessed tykes!
In prams, on scooters, skates and trikes
On highways, byways,
Trails and 'pikes.
To stand on steps and hang from lights,
They push and strain at dangerous heights,
In gaps, on girders, bridges, dykes
To catch a glimpse...
Of David Sykes.


Upcoming Events Coming Up
Speakers, Events & Meetings
Terri Osburn: Community Engagement Project
24 July
Tree Planting
29 July
Committee Meetings - Offsite
14 August
Board Meeting
21 August
District Governor Club Visit
28 August
Stan Dean’s 50th Anniversary Night
  4 September
Committee Meetings - Hub
11 September
Movie NightOffsite
25 September
Defying the Drift
23-26 September
Club Assembly
25 September
New Members conducted meeting
  2 October
Lithuanian International Dinner (Saturday)
  6 October
Committee Meetings – Offsite
  9 October
Board Meeting
16 October
Geelong Show
18-21 October
World Polio Day Recognition
23 October
Wine Tasting Night - Offsite
  6 November
Committee Meetings - Hub
13 November
Annual General Meeting & Board Meeting
20 November
Committee Meetings – Offsite
 4 December
Club Christmas Dinner
11 December
Family Christmas Party @ Showgrounds
18 December
Christmas Day – No Meeting
25 December
New Year’s Day – No Meeting
  1 January
World "Be Kind to Bulletin Editors" Day 31 February
Anniversaries and Birthdays
Birthdays: David and Liz Sykes...happy birthdays to youse on 29 July! Many happy returns to Val Macvean for 27 July!
Wedding Anniversaries: None in the coming week.
Club Anniversaries: We celebrate Bill Pratt's 52 wonderful years of Rotary service on 21 July. Congratulations Bill!
Attendance for the meeting of 24 July

Present: 27

Percentage: 62.22

Apologies: Bill Bailey, Satbir Chug, Stan Deans, James & Sue Dunlop, Laurent Franklin, Mark & Michelle Grant, Maxine Leske, Gary Newton and Warren Norton, sam Ramondetta, Andrew Rofe and Ross Taylor

Leave of Absence: Keith Dawson.


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