Last Week's Activity – The Member "Who am I?"
Unfortunately our scheduled guest speaker was unable to attend.
Instead, Kris Adam delved into this seemingly bottomless bag of great ideas and came up with an impromptu session where members answered on a slip of paper some simple questions about themselves, those slips were drawn at random and members were asked to guest the identity of the person whose answers were read out and then that person was invited to expand.
It was noteworthy that, to the question: "I considered my greatest achievements as:...." was oft the response "Still being here" or words to that effect.
This is indicative of (a) the high average age of this Club's membership or (b) the wastrel, licentious and dissolute character of many of our members or (c) both!
We learnt a great deal about our fellow members - we have a trail blazer in the area of employment equity whose c.v. reads like an adventure novel, a world champion yachtsman, world travellers and quiet achievers.
All in all, a most enlightening and enjoyable evening getting to know better our fellow Rotarians.