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Last Week's Program
This was our first Zoom Club Assembly and very well attended it was too. We discussed how we might meet post COVID-19.
It may well be that until an effective vaccine is created and in wide use, some of our members may not feel safe attending “face to face” meetings.
Perhaps a form of hybrid meeting where members can Zoom in and be “present” at a face to face meeting? This may present some challenges to get clear audio visual quality.
For some members too, the Zoom meeting format is difficult to manage or a tool with which they are not comfortable for privacy or other reasons.
We also need to be aware that some catering venues may expect a minimum number of meals to be paid for which may limit our Club’s ability to “hybridise” economically.
Another possibility is to book a venue where a meal is not part of the get together. We don't necessarily have to be eat'n when we're a meet'n.
If the focus of our Rotary experience is “service” then perhaps we should redesign the way and the where and the how of our meetings to be secondary to the why we meet?
In the good weather, outdoor meetings could be trialed
A stable venue (meaning a regular and consistent location as distinct from a place where one keeps horses) may be important to engaging and recruiting new members.
How and when our Club returns to face to face meetings will be “a work in progress” with all suggestions welcomed.
A survey is being sent out to members – please check your emails.
And then there’s the money…we haven’t been paying a weekly meal fee and many members have been donating something of the money not so spent to The Rotary Foundation. As contribution to  a result, our Club has made a significant contribution to the Foundation’s vital work.
We haven’t had any fundraising activities in the community and so our charitable funds are way down.
Perhaps this is an opportunity for our Club to review the manner in which we get community projects done.
In this regard, PP Robert Wheeler told us of the success of the Mission Beach Rotary Club which, whilst small in member numbers, achieved through leveraged fundraising, grants and in-kind donations and support the creation of a very popular community facility.
We discussed the concept of members making a voluntary contribution each week above the venue and meal costs but paid at a frequency which doesn’t impose unduly on the Club Treasurer.
We also considered a monthly contribution from members whilst face to face meetings are not occurring to be put towards administration costs.
We are encouraged to visit via Zoom the meetings and activities of other clubs as well as District events (details appear in the District emails we receive) and via Facebook.
Much to consider!
The meeting concluded with a display of some very fine artwork by Elizabeth and Elaine as well as a tribute to the wonderful work of PDG the late Clem Renouf who pioneered the move to eradicate polio.
Announcements, News and Help Required
The Shutdown appeal
The Shutdown appeal for donations to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) raised the magnificent sum of $6,369.60.
This is the biggest sum ever raised for a Rotary Foundation single appeal by our Club, especially in PDG Eddie Loughnan’s time.
Members apportioned $4,062.55 to the Annual Fund (AF) and $2,307.05 to Polio Plus. (PP)
Overall, fundraising for TRF for 2019-2020 resulted in $10,191 for the AF and $5,036 for PP, a total of $15,227 all up. Once again this was an outstanding effort for the year.
It shows the magnificent generosity of our members towards Rotary and especially TRF.
The Board used some Member funds to donate $5,000 towards TRF which is included in the $15,227.
Thank you members for the way you have supported TRF this year.
PP Ross Taylor
Zooming in with other Clubs. Please invite yourself as you see opportunities. Stay in contact with other Clubs.
Stay in Contact. Zooming is fun, but phone calls may be easier, please stay in contact with those who are on the sick list or cannot join us at our virtual meetings.
Program – Speakers Wanted
Kris Adam is on the look out for guest speakers. Please pass on names and topics to Kris.
Zoom Meetings – all are welcome
Invite friends to our online meetings.
They can experience Rotary friendship and see Rotary service at no cost and without obligation from the comfort of their home.
Send them the email with the link and password but don’t forget to introduce them when the meeting opens.
Get Into Training

District training is available through the District website and all members are encouraged to avail themselves of the excellent training materials.

The Last Hurrah Polio Zoom Dinner for 2019/20
With the drive to reach US$50m (to guarantee the Gates Foundation bonus) this Rotary year, a novel scheme is in development across Rotary in Australia and New Zealand in which every Rotarian ‘down under’ has the opportunity to make a modest donation to the cause of polio eradication at the end of June through what has been tagged ‘The Last Hurrah Polio Zoom Dinner for 2019/20’.
Tuesday, June 30, (there will no meeting of our Club that evening) will be the streaming of the program via the new RDU Youtube Studio to all clubs and members in Zone 8 (NZ and Australia) - a 35,000 strong Zoom meeting and fundraising opportunity to help reach Rotary’s goal of US$50m in 2019/20.
See further details in the email from PP Ross Taylor (sent 22 June via Club Runner) for those members of our Club who would like to view the program and, if they wish to do so, to make a donation to the polio eradication program of Rotary.
Alumni Relations

On behalf of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association (RPFAA), I’m excited to extend an invitation to their Global Cyber Peace Conference on 27 June: Envisioning the World After the Great Pause. Learn more and REGISTER HERE.

This exciting event will feature the perspectives of Rotary Peace Fellows and other experts to answer the questions:

What are we learning in this extraordinary moment of human history that can inform the way we choose to live together in the future? How can positive peace inform how these systems are re-imagined and reconstructed?

The conference will run for a full 24 hours, allowing you to participate from any location and time zone. Unique programming will feature regional voices and perspectives. In addition to numerous peace fellow-led workshops on topics like structural racism and violence, youth and peacebuilding, the environment and peace, and indiginous insight, peacebuilding thought leaders will offer their wisdom and inspiration. Plenary spekaers include John Paul Lederach, author of “The Moral Imagination,” and Irene Santiago, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 as one of 1000 outstanding women peacemakers and peacebuilders in the world. These luminaries will be joined by Rotary International and Rotary Peace Center leaders and organizational partners such as The Institute for Economics and Peace, Mediators Beyond Borders International, NewGen Peacebuilders, and Outward Bound Peacebuilding.

Notably, this is
not a Rotary International event. It is the result of the work and effort of countless peace fellows worldwide. The RPFAA would like as many voices and ideas to be included as possible, so ticket prices are optional for those in a position to contribute. Please use the coupon code ACCESSPEACE to join this conference free of charge. 

Finally, I would appreciate your help if you can share this invitation on social media and with your Rotary club and district. You are welcome to use these graphics or share the promotional video. When posting, use the hashtag #EnvisiontheWorld2020.

If you have questions or would like to connect to the organizers, please write to the RPFAA inbox at

Thank you for your consideration. I hope you can join on 27 June!

Kind regards,

Bill Rintz

Alumni Relations Specialist - Rotary Peace Fellowships
Rotary International
Report to Club Fellowships in Rotary – from Sue Dunlop
Sunday 21 June at 6pm James and I attended the AGM for the International Travelling and Hosting fellowship.  From our casual chat before the meeting, Victoria's latest set back is mild compared to what is considered "normal" at the moment in other parts of the world. 
The AGM was held at 2 different times to accommodate the different time zones around the world.
We met with Rotarians from Scotland, Kentucky, Washington, South Africa, Geelong, Canberra, Sydney, India, New Zealand, Nepal and Kenya.
Many have welcomed guests on a regular basis and are happy to host and to take visitors around their part of the world.    "A chance to be a local".
Apart from the usual business of the AGM we also talked briefly about the Taipei Convention and the before and after trips organised by the ITHF.
At present they are planning:
Pre convention June 3 - 11 Taiwan
Post Convention June 17 - 26 Hokkaido Japan.
See for more details about the fellowship
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Our Club meetings and District events are happening via video conferencing during the COVID-19 restrictions.
See "The Next Three Weeks" for....the next 3 weeks.
The date of our return to meeting at St. Albans Football Club awaits confirmation and the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions etc.
The Next 3 Weeks
DateActivityCoursesVenueChair SergeantRoom (Hosting)CashierMeeting
Tues 23 JuneIt's a surprise!   Keith Dawson   
Sun 28 JuneDistrict Change Over via Zoom       
Mon 29 JuneNo Christchurch Meals Program       
Tues 30 JuneNo meeting of our Club (5th Tuesday)       
Tues 7 JulyChange Over via Zoom       
Tues 14 July        
Tues 21 JulyShahnaz Rind - Rty Indigenous Health Scholarship       
Thanks as always to Satbir for meticulously maintaining our attendance records in these difficult times.
Satbir did a make up with eClub One on 19 June for our 9 June Club meeting, David Beretta did a make up at Donations in Kind (DIK) on16 June for our 9 June Club meeting, PDG Eddie zoomed into a District meeting on 22 May for our 13 March Club meeting and Graham Thomson also zoomed into a District meeting on 22 May for our 21 January meeting.

Birthdays: Many happy returns to Michael Carroll for 23 June and Graham Thomson for 27 June.
Wedding Anniversaries: None this coming week.
Club Anniversaries: We celebrate President Tony’s 18 years of membership on 25 June, John Birrell has 19 years with us (19 June) and Alan Backwell is 31 on 28 June!