On 18 December 2019 seven Grade 6 students from Geelong East Primary School celebrated completion of the Rotary Junior Community Award (RJCA) program (see photo). Each student received an attractive certificate and a monetary voucher to assist with the purchase of school supplies for 2020.
Peter Cook, Chair of the Community Service Committee, congratulated the students on their enthusiasm and commitment to the program, and thanked their teacher, Mrs Kristin Underwood, for willingly taking on the extra workload that the program demands.
The Rotary Junior Community Award program, initiated by the Rotary Club of Mitchell River in 1997, requires participants to undertake activities in four avenues: Community Service, Physical Recreation, Social Experience and Skill Development.
A group activity, aimed at satisfying the community service component, saw the students make regular visits to ‘Eden Park’, an aged care facility located close to the school. Both students and residents enjoyed the interactions and wonderful friendships developed.
Participants in the program are also required to attend a meeting of a community group. On 3 December four Grade Sixers attended a meeting of Geelong East Rotary,
listened with interest, took careful notes and wrote a report on their experience.
They were delightful company and proved to be great ambassadors for their school.
Rotary - developing young people in our community!