The Rotary Leadership Institute

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"The Rotary Leadership Institute is a leadership development program, providing courses to potential Rotary club leaders and potential leaders. Its purpose is to increase Rotary knowledge and leadership skills for the Rotary clubs in the member districts. All participants in the Institute must be nominated by and sponsored by their clubs. Courses are provided in three parts, with each part given during a full day in various locations throughout the Rotary year. Those completing all of the three parts for their full duration are awarded a special pin of The Rotary Leadership Institute and are then eligible to participate in graduate seminars sponsored by the RLI."


Extract from

"The RLI Manual"



Divisions tailor the RLI programs to meet the specific needs of their trainees.  However, there is a core series of topics that participants must be conversant with.  The topics include:


 Leadership Characteristics & Styles

 Rotary Beyond the Club

 Developing Service Projects

 Membership Retention

 The Rotary Foundation

 Leadership & Team Building

 Leadership & Goals

 Vocational Service & Ethics

 Membership Recruitment

 Leadership of Meetings

 Analysing a Rotary Club

 International Service

 Public Speaking

 Creative Service

 Programs of Rotary

 Public Relations