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Rotarians the world over have been working to eradicate the crippling disease Polio from the world.

In the largest humanitarian project in human history, Rotary together with its partners, The World Health Organisation, UNICEF, The Centres for Disease Control and the Gates Foundation now have the disease almost to the point of eradication. Billons of dollars in funds have been raised by and through Rotary and its contacts with governments the world over.  More than two billion children have received vacinations at least three times. Civil Wars have been halted while vacination teams went into areas and carried out thier important work.

In National Immunisation Days, up to 180 million children have been given the vacine in one day in India. NIDS have been carried out in parts of Africa in which up to 85 million children have been vacinated in a week.

Fundraising is still a major priority.  In the final phase of the program, there needs to be mass innoculation programs and there needs to be immediate response to outbreaks in non-endemic countries.  These coupled with the need for ongoing monitoing and testing requires significant funds.