Rotary clubs all around the world are in the ‘Changeover’ period where one President and Board step down to make way for a new President and Board.  The Rotary Club of Geelong East held its Changeover on Tuesday 7th July.
This was the first Changeover when members were not all present in the same room.  As has been the case for some months now, the meeting was held using Zoom.
The new President, Yannick Le Gall, congratulated Past President Tony Alsop and his board on a successful year.  Yannick introduced her Board and outlined her thinking in terms of the direction of the club during the pandemic.
A Service Model will be the greater focus for the year. Members will be involved in more hands-on activities in the community than in the recent past. She encouraged members to embrace the changes that the Covid-19 had forced upon us and consider how we meet as a club in the future. Members recently voted to meet by a combination of Zoom meetings and Face-to-Face meetings once the pandemic is over.
The new President also encouraged keeping new members engaged and thus continue to build the club membership.  At present, the Rotary Club of Geelong East has a membership of fifty-one Active members and five Honorary Members. The club is one of the largest in Geelong.