President Tony Alsop was our chair for the evening’s meeting.
We welcomed Alan and Ellen as our guests.
We learned all about Rotary Fellowships…not to be confused with Paul Harris Fellow recognitions which aren’t Paul Harris Fellowships…..and Rotary Action Groups.
Alison Marshall provided a very entertaining overview of the Rotary Fellowships which started off in 1928 with Esperanto and now there are well over 100 groups with interests as diverse as Pre-Columbian civilizations and Total Quality Management…not to mention curling.
Graham Thomson and Tony Alsop are members of the Cruising Fellowship which, at least at the moment, is in a close relationship with the Rotarians Who Find Themselves Spending 14 Days in a Cabin with No Windows (RWFTS14DCNW) Fellowship…if there is such a thing…and if not, perhaps there is now!
Then there are the Rotary Action Groups about which Warren Norton spoke.
These are perhaps more serious in their focus with areas such as the promotion of peace, providing clean water and sanitation, supporting education and growing local communities.
Our Club has supported the Mine Action Group which provided funding to clear 700 km of the Thai-Cambodia border of landmines
We also had an Open Forum and we learnt that one doesn’t have to be wealthy to be a District Governor (DG), that Assistant Governors (AGs) are not wealthy and assist the unwealthy DG – our own Ross Taylor and David Sykes are IAGs (Impecunious Assistant Governors) and Eddie Loughnan…well, he was chosen for the quality of his tin cup!
Seriously though, getting involved in a District role is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Rotary and a great way to learn the ins and outs of the organization.
The decision to no longer toast the Queen as well as the people of Australia and to include recognition of the indigenous people on whose land we meet was taken after taking account of the views of the membership and in particular those of our younger members.