Club Training

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Members of the club have access to a range of training and development opportunities much the same as in business.

There is a Club Training Officer and their role is to identify the needs of members and then to provide the means of developing the missing skills or knowledge.  While some development will come through formal training, other skills will be developed through one-to-one coaching, while some will come through on-the-job experiences.

A plan for the development of Office Bearers is being created and will be used for current and future office bearers.

Club members also attend District training. All members are encouraged to attend the District Assembly each year to update their Rotary knowledge.  Those taking up the office of club President are required to attend three days of President Elect Training.  There are District Seminars for The Rotary Foundation, Membership and Public Relations each year and any Rotarian is able to attend these seminars.  In addition, Rotarians taking on District Chairman roles or Assistant Governor roles have District training provided for them.

Finally, Rotarians who are or aspire to leadership roles either in the club or the District can attend The Rotary Leadership Institute.  Clubs are invited to identify and nominate suitable candidates for RLI.  However, there is nothing to prevent an individual seeking to nominate themselves.  RLI consists of three one day programs over a twelve month period and builds both Rotary and Leadership knowledge and skills.