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Last Week's Program
Jenny Acopian was our chair for the evening’s Zoom meeting.
Gary Newton was in charge of the tech side of things and, as The Muting Master, was run off his sheet with a long list of guests including Ruby, who is our Club’s nominee for the Rotary Peace Fellow program and is currently assisting refugees and asylum seekers in Melbourne, Past District Governor Jane Cox from the Rotary Club of Geelong Central and a member of the Board of Australian Rotary Health and Rotarian Anne Acuna all the way from The Philippines with whose club (Rotary Club of Makati Lumina) Alison from our Club spent time working on one of their environmental projects.
You can find out more about Anne’s club on
It was great to see Jonathan Hepner Zooming in for President Yannick’s first meeting as Our Glorious Leader.
Michael Carroll continues to appear in a yellowish sulphur-like haze.....Is there a spot available in the program for a Zoom exorcism?
Comment: Perhaps it is The Social Distanced Bulletin Editor's jaundiced view of the world?
We sent our best wishes to Alan Hoyle, Stan Deans, Alan Backwell and Bill Bailey.
Our guest speaker - Shahnaz Rind
Shahnaz is our very own Indigenous Health Scholar and is currently studying Optometry at Deakin University Waurn Ponds. She has a Nursing degree from Deakin that she also gained with the help of an Indigenous Scholarship.
Shahnaz decided to study Optometry in the hope of helping her people improve their eye health.
Statistics show that older Indigenous Australians are almost three times as likely to suffer from vison impairment or blindness than older non-Indigenous Australians.
However, there are only 13 Indigenous optometrists in Australia and one Indigenous ophthalmologist, and this makes it hard for Indigenous people to find a culturally safe place to go to for regular eye assessments.
During her presentation Shahnaz emphasized the critical importance of providing culturally safe places for Indigenous people, staffed by indigenous professionals.
The link below shows all those who have scholarships through the indigenous health program of Australian Rotary Health (ARH) by State.
Apart from Shahnaz, you will see Nikaela Genio who we sponsored last year. 
We wish Shahnaz every success in her studies and in continuing to promote good health in our Indigenous Australians.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Trees Company

Its Sunday 2 August 2020 for the Club's tree planting day meet at Eumerella Scout Camp, 1415 Great Ocean Road Anglesea and Peter Funston is the coordinator.

Sod turning will commence at 9.00 am and it is all go unless we get locked down again.

Can someone bring a cordless drill? Other than that bring water for yourself and wear boots and gloves and bring a spade or other digging implement. In other words, "Be Prepared".

Peter's number is 0422309074


De Dues Are Due

Dues we set for 2020-2021 – no increase on last year. $270.00 with a concessional rate of $245.00.

Maybe the Workers of the World could unite and round up their payment to $300.00 with the extra $30.00 for The Rotary Foundation?

The Fighting Fund - It's Fundermental
Following on from the Club Assembly in late June, all members voted in favour of setting up a 'Fighting Fund', providing members the opportunity to voluntarily donate to a fundraising fund where 100% of proceeds will be allocated to the four service committees (Youth, Vocation, International & Community) and Foundation to support their projects in the wider community.
We have suggested a voluntary donation of $10 per zoom meeting is applied, however members are welcome to contribute more or less than this figure.     
For ease of reconciliation for the club accounts, can I please request from all members that they contribute to the fighting fund on a monthly or quarterly basis, as reconciling $10 transactions for 50+ members on a weekly basis may kill off your favourite treasurer!
How to donate:
1. EFT:
BSB: 633 000 Account No: 146 425 996
Please include your name in the subject line & "RFF" so I can track payments.
2. Cheque:
Feel free to drop off a cheque to my letterbox (165 McKillop St Geelong, 3220).  
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email ( or call me on 0414 272 260.
Adam Koch
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Our Club meetings and District events are happening via video conferencing during the COVID-19 restrictions.
See "The Next Three Weeks" for....the next 3 weeks.
The date of our return to meeting at St. Albans Football Club awaits confirmation and the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions etc.
The Next 3 Weeks
DateActivityCoursesVenueChair SergeantRoom (Hosting)CashierMeeting
Tues 28 JulyNoel Howard - "RAM"  Warren    
Sun 2 AugTree Planting at Eumerala Scout Camp 1415 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea.  Peter Funston    
Tues 4 AugWolf Marx - Good Food for a Good Life  Jenny Acopian    
Mon 10 AugCommittee Meeting Week       
Tues 18 AugBruce McEwen - Operation Cleft  Peter Cook    
Tues 25 AugCommittee Presentations  Janine    
Mon 31 AugChristchurch Meals Project (4.30 pm - 6.30 pm) TBC       
Tues 1 SepEllen Verriers - Member's Talk  Tony Alsop    
We thank Satbir for his excellent work in maintaining our attendance records across the last Rotary year.

Birthdays – Happy birthday to both Liz and David Sykes for 29 July. Many happy returns to David Beretta for 4 August and Anne Carroll and Thea Franklin will be extinguishing the handful of candles on their respective birthday cakes by some novel COVID-19 Safe method on 3 August.
Rotary Anniversaries – None this coming week.
Wedding Anniversaries - None this coming week....although it is rumoured that David Sykes did suggest to Liz that they also get married on 29 July and thereby save the cost of two of the three cakes otherwise required!