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Our Meeting of 18 February
Past President Ross Taylor was our chair for the evening’s meeting and we celebrated the centenary of Rotary on 18 February by revisiting the Leland Childs December 1945 interview with Paul Harris.
Gary Newton as the chronically inquisitive Leland Childs and Peter Gillham as the reincarnated and shovel-ready PH and the script and perhaps as a result the audience went away knowing a little more of how Rotary came to be.
Next year...Rotary, The Musical?
Our Fifty Birthday - Sunday 23 February at The Range, Curlewis
A first class venue, great food and wonderful fellowship was enjoyed by the many Rotarians, partners, families and friends who joined in celebrating the Club's first half century. 
We were privileged to have the company of District Governor Roseanne Kava and our Past President Tony Della Porta from Sydney and Past President Graham Hare from northern New South Wales.
It was wonderful also to have the company of past members Andrew Thornton and Andrew Lawson, Ann Hague and Jill Linklater, Past President Frank Pinder and Rod Morrison and it was great to see Don Macvean, Peter Dale and Heather Campbell.
Particular highlights of the afternoon were the announcement of the bestowing upon our esteemed Past President and Past District Governor Eddie Loughnan of the Service Above Self Award and the receipt by Colin McElhinney of a Paul Harris Fellow recognition and the conferring by Colin on his son, Andrew of a Paul Harris Fellow recognition also.
We thank Liz Sykes and her committee for bring us a most memorable 50th birthday (the commemorative place mats are an excellent reference)....bookings for the 75th anniversary are invited.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Boosting Bushfire Impacted Economies
Yannick has custody of the Travel Fund Box into which members can place funds to support the Club’s proposed trip later in the year.
Iowa Friendship Visit
Rotary District 9780 Rotary Friendship Exchange is in the planning with Rotary District 5970 Iowa USA for an Outbound team to visit Iowa from 21st September to 4th October 2020 and expressions of interest are sought from Rotarians.
As a member of the team your main financial commitment is to cover the costs of your travel to and from District 5970 plus spending money for extras during the exchange. There may be costs for entries to museums, attractions, transport and meals.
Going on a Rotary Friendship Exchange is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit other countries and learn about their culture, life and spend time with Rotarians as part of their family. It is an amazing experience and one that you will never forget.
Expression of interest need to be submitted by the 30th April 2020. A team of 10 Rotarian couples or singles is requested. If you would like more info please contact Pres Tony asap.
Our Terry Thornton has recently experienced a Rotary Friendship Exchange and can fill out in on what to expect.
Program – Suggestions for Speakers invited
Kris Adam advised that we have vacancies for the remainder of the Rotary year. Please pass on your ideas to Kris.
Pancake Night – 3 March
There will also be an auction so members are asked to contribute items for sale to assist our fundraising efforts.
Promote your crafts and hobbies by offering them as auction items.
Our returning Rotary Exchange student Eryian Morgan will be there to tell us of her adventures in Norway so it will be a great meeting to which you may wish to bring young people who might be interested in the Youth Exchange program.
Bring along those 14-15 year olds (grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbours, work experience kids and checkout kids. Kris says there will be a free extra pancake for each Rotarian with a teenager and 2 extra pancakes and a selie opportunity for the teenager!
Committee Meetings
We have off-site committee meetings on 10 March.
National Youth Science Forum and be seen in green
Our 17 March meeting will feature our National Youth Science Forum attendee and we will get green in recognition of St. Patrick.
Rotary District Grants
Club Secretary Jenny reminded us that they are there for the asking (provided the ask is accompanied by the necessary papery bits).
Our Club has achieved some excellent results in our local community with the assistance of these grants.
The deadline is 1 April.
Bangers at Bunnings – 12 April
The hungry hordes at Leopold will be scrambling over the parked cars to get their teeth into a Rotary sausage.
Let Yannick know if you can help out.
Trivia Nights – 17 July and 6 November
Mark your diaries now and start memorizing the least important facts.
These are great fun(d) and you learn stuff too.
St. Albans Football Club – home game gate
There are 9 matches to be played at St. Albans in the coming season and two people are required to mind the gate and collect the entrance fee.
Please put your name on the sheet going around if you can assist.
Club Walk About
Whether you use it as a make up to maintain your attendance level or just as a way of keeping in touch with other Rotarians and what they and their clubs are up to, getting out and about at other club meetings is the thing.
Yannick is on the trail so join up with her to learn about Rotary goings-on around about.
Clubs in the Geelong area meet across the working week at various times and venues.
See for meeting dates, times, places and contact information to book in.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 Pancake Night and Auction 3 March
 Off site Committee Meetings 10 March
 Our National Youth Science Forum delegate (Maddie) and St. Patrick's Day (wear the Green) 17 March
 District 9780 Conference - Swan Hill 20-22 March 
 Conference Report from various members 24 March
 Christ Church MealsMon 30 March
 Vicki Linnell - Foster Care, Barwon Health 31 March
 Committee Meetings - on site 7 April
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
 3 March 10 March 17 March
Meeting Topic
 Pancake Night and Auction and Rotary Youth Exchange - My Year in Norway Committee Meetings (Off site) Maddie Van Loon on the National Youth Science Forum and St. Patrick's Day (so wear something green)
 Kris Adam  Jenny Acopian
 Peter Gillham  Adrian Innes
 Janine Koch  John Birrell
Room & Hosting
 Maxine Leske and Peter Funston  Bill Bailey & Terry Thornton
Member Talk
Attendance for the meeting of 18 February
Present: 28
Percentage: 63.64
Apologies: Tony Alsop, Allanah Clifford, Peter Cook, James and Sue Dunlop, Harrie Farnaby, Bruce King, Adam Koch, Janine Koch, Maxine Leske, Warren Norton, Bill Pratt, Andrew Rofe and Terry Thornton.
Honorary Members in attendance: Joan Beretta and Judy Innes.
Make Ups:
Leave of Absence: Keith Dawson (5 February to 11 March)
Attendance for the meeting of 23 February
Present: 36
Percentage: 78.26
Apologies: Bill Bailey, Sue Beretta, Allanah Clifford, James and Sue Dunlop, Bruce King, Maxine Leske, Sam Ramondetta, Andrew Rofe and Terry Thornton.
Honorary Members in attendance: Joan Beretta, Lyn Fleet, Judy Innes and Dorothy Sinclair.
Make Ups: Kris Adam (18 January - District Youth Exchange meeting), David Beretta (11 February and 18 February - Donations in Kind), Satbir Chug (4 February - EClub One) and Graeme Fleet (27 January - Christ Church Meals Program)
Leave of Absence: Keith Dawson (5 February to 11 March)

Birthdays: Happy birthdays to Bill Pratt on 3 March, Adam Koch on 4 March, Stan Deans on 6 March, Ron Carroll on 8 March, Jonathan Hepner and Janine Koch on 9 March and Jane’s “other ‘arf” Robert Wright on 10 March.
Wedding Anniversaries: Satbir and Manu Chug celebrate 42 years on 5 March.
Rotary Anniversaries: None this coming week.