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The Rotary Club of Geelong East Inc.
Service Above Self
Tuesday at 6:00 pm for 6:30pm start
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285a McKillop Street
East Geelong, Victoria  3219
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Last Week's Program


This was our first meeting of the new Rotary year....or was that last week?
Hard to tell when last year's president is this year's president...welcome to the People's Republic of Sykes!
Anyway, the continuity is very comforting.
So here we go...
Peter Funston was our chair for the evening.
Welcome to Gary, our new clean-shaven new member.
President David and First Lady Liz will share their learnings from the Rotary Convention in Toronto at a future meeting.
Tonight was the first round of Committee meetings.
Next week there will be a survey from our last Club Assembly.
Don't (or Do) Be Badgered
Tony Alsop announced that there are some excellent Rotary badges to protect us from fines. Buy one.....or two...and be saved.

Christ Church Meals
Bill Bailey on behalf of Jenny Acopian is looking for 5th Monday volunteers for the Christ Church Meals project on 30 July.

Increased Meal Cost

From our meeting on 17 July, the single course will be $28.00 per head and $33.00 per head for 2 courses and wine will be $9.00 per glass.
Beer remains unchanged at whatever beer drinkers pay...can they remember?
Options for other perhaps less costly meal arrangements will be explored by the Board for consideration by the members.
Thought might be given to some less expensive wines from which to select...or one glass between 3 supper sippers...BYO Rotary straw.
The $28.00 and $33.00 figures are arrived at as follows after a meeting between Warren Norton and Danine Bourke from the Eastern Hub on 10 July 2018.
The Hub have been losing money on catering to us, and needs to break even.
  1. One course meal $25
  2. Two course meal $30
  3. Room hire $18/hr = $36/meeting
  4. Minimum of 30 to be waivered, subject to RCGE having an average over 30. We have agreed to monitor and discuss if Karingal have concerns. Our average has been over 34, but on the 10th July was only 26!
  5. Applies from 17 July 2018
  6. Eastern Hub will provide a copy of the proforma invoice (number of meals served) to three RCGE members on the day following the meeting: Sue Beretta, Michael Carroll, David Sykes
  7. The Eastern hub has no concerns if we reduce our dinner meetings, as they only hire in the staff for the occasion.
 The meal cost to be charged by the Club will be $25 + $1.50 room hire + $1.50 margin = $28 for one course. $33 for 2 courses, subject to approval by the Board.

Smile for Satbir
Our Club's Chief Photographer Satbir Chug has a vast array of Club photos on his home-based server and can provide members with an app which allows password-protected access to this treasure trove of high quality photographs.
See Satbir for more information.

Announcements, News and Help Required
Upcoming Events section in the Bulletin - What's When and Where?
Please give your upcoming Club events to Warren and Bulletin Editor Peter for inclusion in the Upcoming Events.
Give Warren a bio for the guest speakers you arrange for pre-promotion in the Bulletin.
Members are invited to give ideas for speakers.
Pay Your "Do's"
The full fee is $254.00 and the concessional rate is $237.00 with those who join the Club after 1 January will only pay 50% of the concessional rate. You can pay direct into the Club's account with Bendigo Bank, the details of which are BSB 633-108 Account 146425996.
Defying The Drift
Stan Deans reminded us that The Defying the Drift program will be held at the end of September this year.
It is a Sunday to Wednesday residential program this year at Horsham.
It aims to keep young people in rural communities by demonstrating the employment opportunities in their home area.
Stan Deans reminded us that we seek Year 10 & 11 students to attend the course and inspire them to take a career in agriculture, horticulture or animal husbandry.
Think about the growers.

Tree Planting Day
Peter Funston advise that we are tree planting again this year and the date is 29 July, likely at the same location as next year.
Peter will provide more details.
BIS Sport Fundraising Activity
Here's an email from AG Judy Beasley:
Hi Group 9 & 10 Presidents and Rotaractors,
Please see below email from Cameron Loftus from the Barwon Sports Academy looking for support of a
Fundraising Breakfast on Wednesday August 15th.
Could you please let your members know about it and ask for interest in getting a table together to support young athletes to 
achieve their best.
Please rsvp to Cameron.
Kind regards
Judy Beasley
AG Group 10
District 9780
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Cameron Loftus <>
Date: Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 12:53 PM
Subject: Bis Sport fundraising activity
To: "" <>

Dear Judy,
I have been provided your contact details by Greg Cooke – Belmont Rotary President. Greg
and I have been friends for a number of years and I am aware of the brilliant work of Rotary
in our region. My father was in Apex and then Lions so the service industry is something close
to my heart.
My role as CEO of Barwon Sports Academy enlightened me to a need to support young
people who are trying to achieve their own personal best in the sporting context. There is
a misconception sometimes that kids involved in higher level sport are from well to do
families. This is try at times but there are also a large group who face financial challenges
to compete and often they drop out due to family difficulties.
8 years ago I led our organization to re energise a concept that a number of local business
owners had created in 1986. This is called Bis Sport and we provide grants to athletes who are
unable to afford to finance key requirements in their sporting pursuits. Some of this is for athletes
who make state and national teams and get a $3,0000 bill to do so.
We use at least $2,000 at of any money raised to provide discounted membership to athletes
who reach the BSA selection criteria but already have significant costs. We call this our
“financial consideration grant”. We also run a program to support Athletes with Disabilities.
Our major fundraising is an annual breakfast that is supported by the Geelong Cats (guest speaker).
Bill Brownless volunteers as MC, Renee Gariing co MC and we also highlight a panel of talented
Young athletes from sports other than AFL mens to showcase the value to these people of a
Bis Sport grant.
I am seeking support from Rotary in the form of purchase of a table at this event. This may be more
than one (cost $700 for table of 10). My suggestions is that attendees may be a select group of
young people who could receive great inspiration from the stories of persistence, time management,
goal setting and leadership.
Any support would be greatly appreciated. We aim to fill 20 tables which would give us a total of
around $9,000 to go into this important grant. There is nothing like it in regional Victoria and the
support from families is enormously appreciated.
Kind regards,
Cameron Loftus
Our Club Secretary Jenny has more information and forms to purchase tickets.


Upcoming Events Coming Up
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Training Night & Board Meeting
17 July
Terri Osburn: Community Engagement Project
24 July
Tree Planting
29 July
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14 August
Board Meeting
21 August
District Governor Club Visit
28 August
Stan Dean’s 50th Anniversary Night
  4 September
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11 September
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25 September
Defying the Drift
23-26 September
Club Assembly
25 September
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  2 October
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  6 October
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16 October
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23 October
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  6 November
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13 November
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20 November
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11 December
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18 December
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25 December
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  1 January
World "Be Kind to Bulletin Editors" Day 31 February
Anniversaries and Birthdays
Birthdays: None in the coming week.
Wedding Anniversaries: None in the coming week.
Club Anniversaries: Kris Adam celebrated 14 years in Rotary on 15 July and Peter Gillham clocks up 33 years on 20 July.
Attendance for the meeting of 17 July

Present: 28

Percentage: 65.12

Apologies: Jenny Acopian, Kris Adam, Michael Carroll, Allanah Clifford, James & Sue Dunlop, Harrie Farnaby, Mark & Michelle Grant, Jonathan Hepner, Sue Hill, Bruce King and Maxine Leske.

Leave of Absence: Keith Dawson, Janine Koch and Graham Thomson.


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