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Last Week's Program
Gary Newton was our techmaster for our Zoom meeting of 25 August and Jane Bolton and Kris Adam were joint chairs.
We welcomed Rotarians from a number of other clubs and it was excellent to see Bill Bailey, Alan Hoyle, Bruce King and Allanah on screen.


The Evening’s Program – Discovering Donations in Kind (DIK)
Rotarians Frank Thompson and Ewen Urqhart told us of the work of Donations in Kind in Geelong which started 30 years ago and was pioneered by the late Barry Bell of the Rotary Club of Geelong.
Our own Adrian Innes, David Beretta, Bill Pratt and a number of other members of our Club are, and have been over the decades, great supporters of DIK which collects good, serviceable equipment and arranges and pays the cost of shipping to our Pacific neighbours.
The Rotary Clubs of Geelong and Geelong Central devote the profit from the operation of their Waterfront food van to the support of DIK.
The loss of the Old Geelong Gaol as a major fundraising activity presents difficulties as around $57,000.00 per annum is required to ship 12 containers.
It is important to the Committee to send out the best quality equipment and to send what communities need.
The original venue at the old Shire of Corio depot became unavailable and the new site is 75 Roseneath Street, North Geelong.
DIK receive and refurbish computers and welcome good quality household items, medical and dental equipment, hospital beds, books and school desks.
The DIK Committee needs to look at new fundraising sources and broaden its membership to include corporate representation and promotional and public relations skills.
Apart from giving used equipment a second life and reducing waste and pollution, DIK provides an opening into developing overseas communities where Rotary can assist in clean water and public health initiatives and, here in 9780, provides a social activity and gathering space and inter-District service and fellowship opportunity.
We thank Frank and Ewen and all the other many Rotarians, parents and friends who work so hard for the benefit of others through DIK.
If you would like to be part of DIK, come along and have a look – Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10.00 am.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Vale Stan Deans
We noted with sadness the passing of our esteemed fellow Rotarian and great mate Stan Deans, a man of the firmest handshake and the softest heart who we will all miss very much.
Keep in touch
We are all encouraged to touch base with members who we don’t see at our Zoom meetings.
Give them a call or shoot them a text or email. Let Robyn Campbell know.
November 24 – Back at St. Albans (COVID-10 Permitting)
We look forward to an announcement from the State Government this coming Sunday that might see us moving to permitting gatherings of more than one man and his dog....whether meadow-moving, giving or receiving care, shopping for essentials or otherwise.
It may still be something of a masked ball, but 24 November will be a night of awards and recognitions...assuming you can recognize the award recipients behind their masks.....but rest assured, there will be no singing!
In the meantime, stay safe and look forward to the day when we can play Twister using the "social distancing" markings on the supermarket floor.
Plans for the Celebration of the Centenary of Rotary
Kris Adam reported the baton relay event is planned to take place in the November- February period (pandemic permitting) and members are invited to advise Kris of the names of individuals and/or organisations who have received assistance from our Club over our 5 decades of service and who could be approached to support the event.
Ballarat South Raffle
Sue and James Dunlop need to know from us some idea on the numbers of books that we think we might be able to sell to provide feedback to the Ballarat South RC.
The Rotary Club of Ballarat South is committed to conducting the annual raffle in years to come and we may also have the opportunity to conduct the raffle this year.
Over the past few years this has been a significant fundraiser for our Club as we get 75% of the ticket sale price..
This year they have asked us how many books of tickets we might be able to sell.
Sue and James are aware that many Rotarians purchase books for themselves or their families and friends.
Sue and James ask each of us to advise how many books we feel we could sell (including purchasing for ourselves) this year.
Feedback please to Sue and James!
Our international partner: Rotary Club of Makati Lumina, Manila, Philippines
(The Bulletin Editor thanks Club Secretary Jenny and Past President for the following report).
The Rotary Club of Makati Lumina, based in Manila, Philippines, is our first international Rotary club partner.
This special relationship was forged in response to an invitation by the President of Makati Lumina to become their ‘sister club’. But why this club? Why Manila?
Geelong East Rotarian Alison Marshall has spent many years travelling to Manila and recently made contact with members of the Makati Lumina Rotary Club who invited her to join them in one of their key projects, planting mangrove seedlings. The club has a focus on the environment and has plans to plant 10,000 mangroves. So far they have planted 5,000 and Geelong East Rotary was delighted to donate over USD500 to the cause. Another of their environmental projects involves aquaponics where cleverly designed DIY systems can be installed in relatively small spaces. Several of these have been set up on an old basketball court in the grounds of an orphanage and the children and staff there grow, harvest and cook the fresh produce – a brilliant idea.
Last Saturday (22 August) six of our members attended, by zoom, the installation of the new President of Makati Lumina, Anne Acuna, and the induction of two new members. Fifty-three Rotarians and friends attended the event and it was a grand affair. Although it was a formal occasion with stirring speeches by the District Governor, Charter President and Assistant Governor there was great warmth and a sense of fun was evident throughout the afternoon. One of their new members was a recording star who sang a song he’d written for the event.
President Anne Acuna will be our guest speaker on 22 September when we are all encouraged to wear something green in recognition of the environmental focus of her club.
Getting to know our members of the Rotary Club of Geelong East
Whilst we can’t meet face to face as a Club, we can keep connected through the Bulletin and social media.
Members are invited to send the Bulletin Editor some information about themselves which they would like to share.
The Bulletin Editor opened up his emails and....Yikes!!!!'s David Sykes...

Roles in Rotary: Treasurer, Secretary, Director (International and Fundraising), President x 2 ½, District PR & Photographer and Assistant Governor.

Rotary Fellowships and Action Groups: R4Bees and ESRAG.
Food:                      Yes!
Old Movie:             A Star is Born 1931, 1954, 1976 & 2018
Recent Movie:        The Current Wars
Book:                      The Goal - by Eliyahu M. Goldratt (a management book) and any book on technology.
Author:           James A Michener (have read most of his 40 books)
Admired person:    Kelly Johnson, of P38, U2 and SR71 fame (aircraft)
Season:          Summer
Colour:                   Blue
Pets:                       Dogs
Sporting Team:      Not the Crows, but close.
Hobbies:                 Photography, Sailing, Travel
First Car:                Purchased for $200 in 1970, Holden FJ (1956))
Things I love doing outside of work and Rotary:
Family, Walking, Photography, Caravan Holidays in 2025, Sailing, Business organisations, networking, mentoring and managing.
Something you may not know about me:
Grade 7 high jump champion!
As a youngster, model aircraft, control line type
What superpower would I like to have and why?
A new power - goodwill
If I could be an animal for a day it would be and why?
An old bull, the story goes …...
If I didn’t live in Australia, I would like to live in
Tasmania in 2020, as they don’t think they are part of Australia.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Our Club meetings and District events are happening via video conferencing during the COVID-19 restrictions.
See Club Runner for the updated calendar of upcoming events and meetings.
The date of our return to meeting at St. Albans Football Club awaits confirmation and the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions etc.
The Next 3 Weeks
DateActivityCoursesVenueChair SergeantRoom (Hosting)CashierMeeting
Tues 1 SepEllen Verriers - Member's Talk  Tony Alsop    
Week of 9 Sep Committee meetings week       
Tues 16 Sep Committee presentations and 100th anniversary ideas       
Tues 22 Sep Rtn Anne Acuna - Mangrove planting in the Phillipines       
We thank Satbir for his excellent work in maintaining our attendance records to the highest standard.
You don't need a mirror to check your make ups....just go to the "Attendance" tab in Club Runner then "Meetings and then "Makeups"......and if you end up with "Hiccups" only have yourself to blame!

Birthdays: Best wishes to Keith Dawson who celebrates his birthday on 6 September and many happy returns to Bruce King for his birthday coming up on 7 September.
Wedding Anniversaries: Congratulations to Joan and David Beretta who celebrated their 55th anniversary on 4 September.
Rotary Anniversaries: Cheers to Jonathan Hepner who clocks up 33 years on 8 September.