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The Rotary Club of Geelong East Inc.
Service Above Self
Tuesday at 6:00 pm for 6:30pm start
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285a McKillop Street
East Geelong, Victoria  3219
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Last Week's Program


Past President Tony Alsop was our chair for the evening's meeting.
Evening’s program: My Rotary
A number of experienced Rotarians shared their knowledge about how to ensure we have an effective Rotary Club so we can ‘do good’ in the world.
Part 1: Club visits and learnings
President David encouraged members to visit other Rotary clubs locally and whenever opportunities present themselves when travelling. One can learn about different ways to conduct meetings, meal costs, venues, fundraising ideas, project opportunities, etc.
When attending another club, use Club Locator app (download from RI site) and don't forget to advise the Secretary or President of the club you are attending that you are will be made most welcome'll get a round of applause!
Learn what you can from the club meeting, structure, meeting times and format, types of projects / fundraisers, venue & meal costs and report back to our Board or Board members about your thoughts on what would / would not work for Geelong East.
In the ‘Get Out’ Week, (Tues. 31st July) members were encouraged to get out and attend another club’s meeting.
David and Liz Sykes, Ross Taylor, Heather Campbell all attended other clubs.
Part 2: How effective committees work
Committees are the engine room of our Rotary club. Warren provided advice about how to make them work effectively:
·       Have an Agenda to ensure meeting focus (send out Thursday before Committee Meeting)
·       All Committee members need to contribute to ensure that the Committee gets the best ideas, tests them and plans well
·       Develop sub-committees where needed.  Members of SC’s don’t have to be from the Service Committee setting it up
·       Committee meetings don’t have to be on a Tuesday night – however, reports must be to the Secretary and Service Projects Director by the Thursday following a usual Tuesday meeting
·       Chair is responsible for getting 2IC to manage meeting, if Chair unavailable
·       The Chair must report Attendance at Off-Site meetings to Satbir within two days of the meeting
·       Committee meetings held at the Hub will be modified in design to give up to one hour of meeting time for Committees
The Committees are at the heart of Rotary – they are where the real work is done; ideas are generated for projects or fundraising, planning takes place, and where the action happens

Part 3: Fundraising Changes
Yannick outlined changes to fundraising processes. In particular committees will be encouraged to conduct their own fundraising events as a means of supplementing their budget allocation and thereby increasing their spending power. Committees were also encouraged to run low cost or no cost activities.
The Fundraising (FR) Committee will oversee all fundraising activities, regularly review fundraising strategies, and support committees with risk assessments, etc.  The FR Committee is developing fundraising criteria to be approved by the Board.
There will be support for Committees for this change.
Committees should consider working in conjunction with other committees e.g. Vocational & Youth might have a joint project or with  other clubs or organisations.
Part 4: Changes to duties
Ross Taylor emphasised the importance of carrying out allocated duties to ensure a smooth-running meeting.
·       There will be no Attendance Officer in future.  The Cashier will record attendance
·       When on Room Duty, remember that it involves both putting out and putting away at the end of the meeting.  Room should be set up just before 6.00pm
·       There is a list of items to be put out on the left hand side door of the Box
·       The Charter only goes out on ‘special’ occasions e.g. District Governor Visit, Changeover
·       If you are rostered for any duty and are unable to be there, it is your responsibility to arrange directly with someone else to take it up for you
·       A flag pole is being obtained and that will be an item to be put out each night
Those on Room Duty are responsible for noticing unaccompanied guests. They should be greeted and welcomed.  If they are Rotarians or guest speakers, take them and introduce them to the President and Chairman.  Ensure that guests get to meet other members

Part 5: Promoting Rotary and our Club
Tony spoke about common misconceptions about Rotary and Rotarians, and therefore the need to promote Rotary as a respected, diverse, world-wide organisation - and our Club as a friendly group of community minded people.  He encouraged members to engage with people, listen to their story and take appropriate action. There is a range of resource to assist members to raise the awareness of Rotary with people we meet in our daily lives.
Membership is important to the club.
Members are encouraged to consider inviting people to meetings in which they may have an interest in the speaker or topic.  This is a good way to introduce people to Rotary and its work.
Listen to people and see if you can identify their ‘need’.
People may feel isolated working from home – that could be a cue to invite them to meet likeminded people and network at Rotary.
Tony reported that he had a 80 percent response rate to the Club survey and will report to members once the data has been collated.
Tony spoke briefly about the mentoring process and urged mentors to be proactive.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Special thanks from the Bulletin Editor to Club Secretary  Jenny Acopian for these most excellent notes.
Happy Birthday, David!
We celebrated David Beretta’s 80th birthday with a delicious birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday! A smiling group photo was taken.
We also congratulated Terry Thornton on the occasion of her birthday.
Noise versus Hearing
President David suggested we should make better use be made of the microphone when making announcements.
It is difficult for others to hear if members speak from where they are seated.
Club Questionnaire/Survey 
Thanks to those who have responded. There was an 80 percent response rate.
Club Roles and Committees
Version 1.7 was distributed and members asked to check its accuracy. President David says it contains a deliberate mistake. Can you sopt it?
Committee meetings
Our club activity for the week commencing 13 August is off-site committee meetings.
All members are on committees. Directors and Chairs will organize meetings of their committees in this second week of the month. All members have been sent an email with when and where their committee will meet. Committee chairs are asked to notify Satbir as to members present at the committee meetings for Club attendance reporting.
Best Wishes from us all
Our thoughts are with Allanah and Sue Hill and her son, Gary.
Participation vs Attendance
Yannick will report on the process for collating events, participants and hours. Further details follow in this Bulletin.
Mentoring Follow Up
If you are a mentor, please provide PP Tony Alsop with a status report.
Please ask others to be involved as needed for skills or knowledge.
Stan's Big 50
The celebration of Stan Dean’s 50 years as a Rotarian will be held on Tuesday 5 September.
A number of guests from other clubs will be attending including Warracknabeal, Brighton, Beaufort and Ararat.
Several Geelong East members have offered home hosting.
President David will liaise with guests to determine whether they are interested. We will need a small team to help Allanah with the evening’s arrangements. Please contact Allanah if you can assist.
Groups 9 & 10 President’s Meeting - Monday 30 July
President David reported that two ideas have been proposed to replace the Ride the Bellarine event:
  • A Gala Murder Mystery / Trivia Challenge Dinner
  • Corporate Lunch / Dinner (as Belmont RC has run for Headspace) but with all Group 9 & 10 clubs involved with finding sponsors and guests to support and attend. A Silent auction along with major items auction would be run, as well as key note speakers in support of the chosen beneficiary. (Belmont raised $64k and $62k for Headspace.)
Two options for beneficiaries were put forward: Barwon Health Volunteer Patient Transport Program or Spinal Injuries support/research. 
Members stated their preference for the Gala Murder Mystery and Barwon Health as the beneficiary.
Information pamphlets
Tony advised there were several pamphlets available to help members approach potential members or simply to provide information about Rotary to friends and acquaintances.
Recording of volunteer hours
Yannick has taken responsibility for recording the hours of service undertaken by our members for Club and District activities. Members were asked to email Yannick with details of their hours of service/participation. Email
Tree planting at Lara Pound Reserve on 29 July
Peter Funston reported on a most successful tree planting effort in Lara – in cold and windy conditions. Thirteen participants including members, Friends of Rotary and two COGG employees planted 200 Red Gum trees and 50 bushes to attract small birds.
RU OK? National Launch at Steam Packet Gardens on 30 July
Ten Geelong East Rotarians and Friends of Rotary provided breakfast for participants in the national launch of the RUOK? Conversation Convoy that was to travel 14,000 km across Australia to raise awareness of suicide prevention. The Club’s early morning efforts were much appreciated and the exposure to national media was an added bonus.
Christ Church Community Meals Program 30 July
Once again our Club participated in the Community Meals Program and set a record for the number of meals served: 142!
Jenny thanked all those who helped out.
Indigenous Health Scholars Celebration at Deakin University’s Institute of Koorie Education on 31 July
Jenny reported on a special evening held at Deakin for indigenous student nurses from across Australia who are studying at Deakin, many of whom were supported by scholarships provided by Australian Rotary Health (ARH). Liz Sykes, an experience midwife, accompanied Jenny and was a great source of information for the students.
District 9780 Grants 2018–2019
Jenny reported that RI has approved 17 grants to District Rotary clubs, including $3,000 for Geelong East’s Barwon River Emergency Markers Project.
Smile for Satbir
Our Club's Chief Photographer Satbir Chug has a vast array of Club photos on his home-based server and can provide members with an app which allows password-protected access to this treasure trove of high quality photographs.
In the last Rotary meeting we celebrated David Beretta’s 80th birthday. Satbir took some photos of the cake and celebrations.
Satbir has attached those photos in the DS Photo app and members can view these and many other Rotary memories.
If you have the app installed, you will have to refresh your album.
If you find it difficult then logout and the login again and you will find the album.
All members are invited to download the DS photo app and login.
Here are the details (and if you need tech help, Satbir would be delighted to assist):

Server Name: satbirschug
ID: Rotary
Password: geelongeast

It is a wonderful repository of our Club's events and we are very grateful to Satbir for creating this important Club facility and asset.

Upcoming Events section in the Bulletin - What's When and Where?

Please give your upcoming Club events to Warren and Bulletin Editor Peter for inclusion in the Upcoming Events.
Give Warren a bio for the guest speakers you arrange for pre-promotion in the Bulletin.
Members are invited to give ideas for speakers.
Lame Limericks and Perversities
Hi Peter,
In answer to your challenge (and please remember this is from an engineer – I always wanted to be an engineer and now I are one)
Did you ever wonder why you joined Rotary
Was it because it has no boundary
Or perhaps because it lasted a century
There is no snobbery, but plenty of chivalry
Maybe some skulduggery and some lampoonery
But in the end its all who are a beneficiary
Another oldie but a goodie (especially because it has maths in it)
11 was a GG
22 was 12
111 a race
Tony Alsop
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Speakers, Events & Meetings
Committee Meetings - Offsite
14 August
Board Meeting
21 August
District Governor Club Visit
28 August
Stan Dean’s 50th Anniversary Night
  4 September
Committee Meetings - Hub
11 September
Movie NightOffsite
25 September
Defying the Drift
23-26 September
Club Assembly
25 September
New Members conducted meeting
  2 October
Lithuanian International Dinner (Saturday)
  6 October
Committee Meetings – Offsite
  9 October
Board Meeting
16 October
Geelong Show
18-21 October
World Polio Day Recognition
23 October
Wine Tasting Night - Offsite
  6 November
Committee Meetings - Hub
13 November
Annual General Meeting & Board Meeting
20 November
Committee Meetings – Offsite
 4 December
Club Christmas Dinner
11 December
Family Christmas Party @ Showgrounds
18 December
Christmas Day – No Meeting
25 December
New Year’s Day – No Meeting
  1 January
Anniversaries and Birthdays
Happy birthday to Michelle Grant  (8 August), Ross Taylor  (9 August) & Robert Wheeler  (10 August).

Many happy returns also to Anne Carroll & Thea Franklin (3 August).

Wedding anniversaries

Congratulations to Val & Don Macvean on the occasion of their 61st wedding anniversary on 10 August and Sam Ramondetta and Karen Sunderland celebrate their third on 17 August.

Club Anniversaries
Both Warren and Ross have been with us for 17 years on 14 August and Graham Thomson clocks up 11 years on that day too.
Attendance for the meeting of 7 August
Present: 25
Percentage: 60.00
Apologies: Kris Adam, Bill Bailey, Sue Beretta, Heather Campbell, Michael Carroll, Peter Cook, Stan Deans, Harrie Farnaby, Peter Gillham, Mark & Michelle Grant, Jonathan Hepner, Adrian Innes, Bruce King, Adam Koch, Maxine Leske, Eddie Loughnan,  Gary Newton, Bill Pratt, Andrew Rofe & Graham Thomson.
Leave of Absence: Keith Dawson to 12 September


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