We often hear or use the phrase "Youth are our future" and they are.
Rotary through many Youth programs aims to create a safe environment for our youth, to educate them in cultural differences and to learn to respect those differences.
Rotary Youth Exchange is one of the best known youth exchange programs in the world. Young people spend twelve months in another country and attend school, live with a local family, learn knew languages and begin to understand the difference in cultures. It is a powerful program that has changed the lives of many of our youth.
Interact is either a school or community based club for youth 14 -18 years old and provides the opportunity to learn about service and caring for others. Interactors run fundraisers, visit the elderly in nursing homes, have speakers who inform them of career opportunities and needs both within their local and the international community.
Rotaract caters for young people 18 - 30 and much like Interact they carry out projects such as feeding the homeless, maintaining gardens of elderly people still living in their own homes, travel overseas to carry out projects in underdeveloped countries and many other activities.
Rotary believes "Youth are our Future"