On 16th April 2019, The Rotary Club of Geelong East and its partners, The City of Greater Geelong and The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), launched a series of Safety Markers along both sides of the Barwon River.
In order to ensure that the signs remain in good condition, they are regularly inspected by members the Rotary Club and report made to the partners.  The initial report highlighted that only 3 of the 46 signs have been tagged graffiti and due to the vandal and graffiti proof nature of the signs this has been removed without any damage.
The Calls and the events which are managed by ESTA reported the following breakdown: -
A total of separate 21 events (calls) were received from 13 different locations with the following services responded to:
  • Victorian Police 11 times, 
  • Ambulance Emergency 7 times and
  • Ambulance Referral 3 times.
    A Breakdown of the Type of Events
  • Abdominal pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Convulsions
  • Falls
  • Missing person
  • Overdose Poisoning
  • People causing trouble
  • Property found
  • Sick person
  • Snake Bite
  • Suspect Vehicle
  • Theft
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Unconscious
  • Welfare Checks
The Rotary Club of Geelong East - Making the Community Safer