The Rotary Foundation celebrates it's 100th Anniversary during the 2016-2017 Rotary year.
And there is more good news.
Rotary's own charity has received the highest rating possible from Charity Navigator. The Rotary Foundation received 100 points, the highest score possible.  This indicates that on key indicators, The Rotary Foundation follows best practices and executes its mission in a financially responsible way.
The Foundation has made a difference to the lives of millions of people since it's inception one hundred years ago.
People who are not familiar with The Rotary Foundation may not be aware that it is one of the very few foundations and charities that puts 100% of donations made toward it's charitable programs.
The many and varied activities of The Rotary Foundation since its inception have been the Polio Eradication program, Group Study Exchange, Vocational Training Teams, water and sanitation projects, maternal and child health programs, educational scholarships, peace scholarships and programs, community and business development and a focus self sufficiency.
Donations to  The Rotary Foundation can be made through any Rotary club or by copying and pasting the link below into your browser.