Rotary International and it’s 32,000 clubs and 1.25 million members have been working to bring about peace since the organisations inception in 1905.  Below is a timeline of some of the key activities relating to peace.
Readers may find some surprising insights into Rotary here.
1905 – 1914 Rotarians expressed concern about the rise of nationalism in Europe
1921 – Rotary adopted its fourth Object of Rotary “The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a worldwide fellowship of business and professional men united in the ideal of service”
1940 – At the Rotary International Convention in Havana, Rotary passed a resolution “freedom, justice, truth sanctity  of the pledged word and respect for human rights” – this provided the framework for the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1942 – Rotary formed the organisation that was to become UNESCO
1945 – 49 Rotarians were involved in the writing of the United Nations Charter
1960 on. Rotary established Peace Parks, Peace Cities and Peace Poles. The City of Wagga Wagga, NSW became the first Peace City in the world. Today there are over 60 Peace Cities around the world
2002 Rotary established The Rotary Peace Centres. There are 6 universities around the world that provide Rotary sponsored a Masters Peace and Conflict Resolution program over two years.  There are now (2018) over 1150 graduates of the programs working in a range of organisations and roles (governmental and non-government). Rotary Peace Fellows have been drawn from over 80 countries
2018 – The Rotary International President, Ian Riseley  has selected Peace as the theme for his RI President’s Conferences. There will be 6 such conferences, each focused on a different element of peace.  The conference in Sydney in March 2018 is focused on peace and economic and community development
This is not an exhaustive list. Almost every project Rotary and its clubs undertake are related to peace in one way or another.
Rotary Exchange Students learn about and to appreciate other cultures and form friendships that reach across the globe
Group Study Exchange and Vocational Training Teams, like Exchange Students learn about other cultures and form international bonds
Rotary’s foray into the areas of health through Polio Eradication, Australian Rotary Health research grants, sponsorship of Indigenous Nurse Scholarships, Bowelscan, Interplast and  ROMAC among many others, all help to bring about peace in communities.
Rotary continues in the quest for peace. You may wish to consider joining an organisation that has peace at its heart and contribute your bit toward peace.
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