Rotary clubs around the world have been working to improve the environment and sustainability for many years.  Each club works on projects that meet the needs of their communities. Many worked on their projects through the Rotary initiated ‘Preserve Planet Earth’.
The Rotary Club of Geelong East has also been environmentally active. In this club’s case, it has focused on tree planting for different reasons.
The largest project undertaken by the club was in the planting of trees to create a wildlife corridor that ran between the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges. The idea was to create a sanctuary for birds and animals that allowed them to move with security through from Ballarat to Geelong.
A number of cold winters saw Rotarians (and one year Belmont Cubs and Scouts) planting trees at Limeburners Point. In this case the idea was to prevent erosion of soil. Most of the Limeburners planting was of grasses.
A number of plantings have been done at three different sites along Hovell’s Creek and the last three years, the club has focused on Eumeralla Scout Camp. At the camp, trees are being planted increasing the bushland and preventing erosion of soil.
Rotarian Peter Funston who has managed these projects estimates that over 5,000 trees and many grasses have been planted over the years by the club.
The Rotary Club of Geelong East - Preserving the Environment