Each month, Rotary carries a different theme. April is when the focus is on creating awareness about our Environment and its importance to humanity.
Rotary Geelong East will be planting more trees on National Tree Day in a few months time. This is something we have done over many years. In the last two years alone, we have planted over 1,000 trees. While this is not the only Environmental activity the members carry out, it is considered extremely important.
Other Environment and Sustainability activities we carry our include: Walk Against Waste (monthly activity collecting rubbish), Recycling batteries, plastic bottle tops, blister packs, container deposit scheme among other recycling activities.
One of the most important has been the provision of air conditioning and aids for a Sensory Room at Newcomb Primary School. This allows students with problems some 'alone space' free from interuptions and allows them to get back into the right frame of mind to go back to class and continue their education. This is an Emotional Environmental project and it has worked extremely well.
Rotary Geelong East - Environmental Warriors!