Posted by Warren Norton on Apr 06, 2015

Thirty years ago, Rotary commenced the largest project in human history – the eradication of the crippling disease polio from the world.

Now the end is in sight.

With over two and a half billion children immunised, billions of dollars raised and spent, millions of man-hours of voluntary there are now only three endemic countries. One of those, Nigeria is on its way to being declared polio-free. Monitoring labs have been set up in countries that can and are being usENDPOLIONOW_4ped in the control of other diseases. Recently, the Ebola outbreak in Western African countries saw these labs in action once again. 

Working with Rotary are its partners the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, Centers for Disease Control and in recent years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  While the end is well in sight, there is still a need for funds.  The disease has to be fought in difficult circumstances and for three years after the last case is recorded. Donations can be made through any Rotary club.

To keep up-to-date with the tracking of the disease and to understand the work that has gone into this humanitarian project, the following sites will provide you with news and information.